Muscari Armeniacum ‘Grape Hyacinth’

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Muscari Armeniacum ‘Grape Hyacinth’ has a beautiful deep / royal blue blue flower which is very easy to grow. Can be cut and put in a small vase and will last between 4-6 days giving off a scent. Muscari is a fast growing bulb that will quickly establish and spread.

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Blooms / Flowers

March – April


Any fertile moist


Upto 15 cm


Sun / Partial Shade


25, 50, 100

1 review for Muscari Armeniacum 'Grape Hyacinth'

  1. Janet Mansell

    Bought 100 of these last September. None have bloomed, just a few spindly green stalks. Contacted Eurobulbs for advice. Told we could have mice or squirrels. No mice and squirrels are conspicuous by their absence. Responder said she had planted some last year and are flowering. I have checked ground for holes for mice, there are none. We have rodent management around our boundaries. All of the other bulbs planted at the same time and in nearby ground have flowered and are stunning, so why would Muscari not grow? So sad really because I have bought bulbs from Eurobulbs for many years on a regular basis. All have flowered beautifully. Might need to go elsewhere this season for bulbs. The same has happened with the white Muscari planted at the same time

    • Eurobulbs Shop Manager

      I am sorry for poor response new site and i am only just getting my bearings
      i am sorry i will replace we should have some within the next couple of weeks
      Kind regards Linda

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