Dry Bulb Season

Narcissus 'Daffodils'

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  1. Narcissus Canaliculatus

    Narcissus Canaliculatus

    Canaliculatus is a delicate dwarf narcissus with clusters of beautiful white and yellow flowers in early spring. Learn More

    Starting at: £2.50

  2. Narcissus Hawera

    Narcissus Hawera

    A form of N. triandrus, dwarf enough to be grown in rock gardens or at the edge of paths, and in containers where it will be perfectly in scale with its surroundings. Learn More

    Starting at: £2.50

  3. Narcissus Minnow

    Narcissus Minnow

    Narcissus Minnow is a pretty dwarf narcissus with stems carrying up to 5 flowers up to 2.5 cm across. A small yellow cup fading to a creamy white shade. Learn More

    Starting at: £2.50

  4. Narcissus Pheasants Eye

    Narcissus Pheasants Eye

    Narcissus Pheasants Eye has fragrant lovely white flowers with large petals and a tiny red rimmed yellow cup. Can be planted in borders and with other native wildflowers almost anywhere in the garden or woodland areas. Learn More

    Starting at: £4.50

  5. Narcissus Pipit

    Narcissus Pipit

    A very sweet sunny yellow Daffodil with white detailing at the tips of each petal, and at the base of its cup. As the flower ages, the cup fades to a pale, almost butter yellow. Learn More

    Starting at: £2.50

  6. Narcissus Rip Van Winkle

    Narcissus Rip Van Winkle

    An extraordinary beautiful dwarf daffodil. Has small narrow pointed yellow petals, could be called a double flower. Learn More

    Starting at: £2.50

  7. Narcissus Sailboat

    Narcissus Sailboat

    These delightful sweetly scented flowers can carry as many as three flowers per stem. They not only look very beautiful but give out a sweet smelling aroma. Learn More

    Starting at: £2.50

  8. Narcissus Tete a Tete

    Narcissus Tete a Tete

    Narcissus Tete a Tete is a very pretty and hardy narcissus which can stand temperatures to below 15c very easy growing and naturalising, in any area of the garden. This little beauty has multiple blooms per stem in a deep yellow colour. Learn More

    Starting at: £2.50

  9. Narcissus Thalia

    Narcissus Thalia

    Narcissus Thalia a beautiful multi-headed brilliant white trumpet narcissus, very fast growing addition to the garden. As like all narcissus these look lovely when grown along side all bulbs such as another narcissus such as the deep yellow Tete a Tete or the Jet Fire Daffodil. Learn More

    Starting at: £3.00

  10. Variety Pack of Narcissus

    Variety Pack of Narcissus

    Special Bundle of 25 of the following: Pipit, Minnow, Sailboat, Hawera, Tete A Tete, Canaliculatus, Rip Van Winkle and Thalia Learn More

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